The Paradigm Shift!

What can we all learn from the changes around us ? The only thing that there is the fact that change is the only constant. Change could bring happiness or remorse. Change can feel like a change or sometimes change can just not feel like a change at all.

Change is one of the significant aspect of the whole scenario of being alive. This one aspect alone can signify all that there is in this world. After all that there is, it is only this fact that everyone and everything will eventually change and will keep changing as we go along the way called life.

We all start with being this fragile being who needs to be cared for by someone else. Gradually, we start to learn to keep our heads steady. We learn to sit, walk, talk etc. etc. All these changes are marvellous.
Notice the time that it takes to learn to do all of these tasks. Also notice that fact that you learn these by the principle of repetition till success and once you do learn it, you still practice it to make it perfect.

The concluding remarks are pretty simple, the change can work for you or against you, by being conscious of the changes around us we could make substantial progress in our lives. To change one self and to learn a new skill takes immense repetition of efforts and once you do change yourself or leant the skill you’ve been aiming to you need to keep the repetition going to take your new self to perfection

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