17 good habits to get you in some shape!

  1. Get into a habit of a good night sleep. A night slept good is the foundation of any good habit that needs to be build.
  2. Switch your phone on do not disturb mode while you are in your bed room and preparing to go to sleep and manage the contact exceptions in the do not disturb mode settings to allow for your family members and other important people only.
  3. If you’re a student and are in a lecture or if you’re a working professional don’t use social media during your college lecturers or office timings. They will only distract you and make you less productive at your college or workplace
  4. Keep your study table or work desk neat and clean. Keep it more conducive for a distraction free studying or working. This will skyrocket your love for these places and in turn increase your productivity overall.
  5. Allow yourself some pampering times and believe that you deserve it.
  6. Exercise daily. It is utmost important that if you don’t have any medical condition that limits you from resistance training then you must train everyday
  7. Keep a journal and a to do list separately. Update them as updated as possible.
  8. Learn a new language, this will give you a different perspective in life.
  9. Take up a new skill.
  10. Go to local markets for vegetables instead of ordering from apps once in a while.
  11. Notice your thoughts, negative self talks and anxieties. Yet, take a conscious decision to let them pass. Keep this in practice for at-least 21 days and keep it noted in your journal that you maintained as per point 7. Compare your journal between day 1 and day 21, you’ll be surprised to see what changes have come to your life.
  12. Focus on one thing at a time, remember, just one thing at a time. Even at your workplace, divide your day as per your priorities and then sit and work on each of the tasks with dedicated focus. This might not be possible on every day, however, practice this as much as possible.
  13. Do affirmations, stick a sticky note on your mirror at your home which reminds you of your affirmations.
  14. If you’re a working professional or a business man you must start saving. No matter at what strata you belong to, you must practice saving the from your income.
  15. Lean to distinguish between “need” and “want”.
  16. To control impulse buying practice delaying your purchases. For example, if you’re at a mall and you really like that shirt although you don’t have that need to buy it. You must consciously choose to not buy it on that day and come back home, sleep it over and if you still feel that you really need it, only then should you go back and buy it.
  17. Most important is “Understanding that Discipline is the most potent means of attaining freedom”.

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