There is positivity within you!

You’ve been looking for positivity at all the wrong places. The most positive space is within you.

The people who miss this end up going through this never ending cycle finding negativity around them in almost everything. They end up projecting negativity in thier outward approach. The conversations also weigh heavy on being on the negative side. People end up messing up in life in terms of thier personal and professional relationships. This generates further frustrations. These frustrations then manifests in some of the outburst episodes that they go through with people.

The arguments between people stoop to unprecedented levels. People lose respect for each other in relationships and we all know what happens to the relationships without shattered mutual respect.

It is thus imperative that we do something about it and find an anchor within ourselves that keep us afloat and grounded.

The one who steady his mind and firmly decides to be conscious of his thoughts can substantially make a lot of progress towards the realization that it is all in him that needs correction. The expectation from self is the only expectation you may have and may have a right to never let down by for everyone else there are many variables beyond your control.

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