Oodles of everything

That’s the thing, we are surrounded by so much! we are the most privileged generation there ever existed in the recorded history which has Oodles of choices for almost everything.

As per the research data on internet, there are about 40 plus varieties of coffees available for us to choose from! No wonder we are spoilt by so many choices. This is where the dilemma is, earlier generations did not have many choices and this was the problem, now that we have so many choices, gets us into another sort of a problem. This is the choice paradox.

Choices also give rise to FoMO syndrome indirectly. You might have many choices and once you have decided on your choice and finally got what you had to, there comes a crawling feeling of what ifs. ‘What ifs’ are the result of your mind wandering around the other available options, the ones which you could have chosen. The only issue is even if you would have taken some other option the same feeling would have crept in and you would have been exactly at the same situation. This give you the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) issues.

Thus this again boils down to us being more conscious of our choices and our behavior once we have made that choice.

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