Senseless Consumerism

We are doomed to fail our way out of debt as the sugar these years is this senseless consumerism. When was the last time you held on to your expensive phone for more than a year? Even if you did get through the year, be honest to yourself if you were not tempted to buy one even when your phone was shiny new just because the new version was out which was supposed to be shiner and better and best ever that they made in the history of humanity.

Different people have different things in place of the phone example, some people have their senseless craving for clothes, shopping spree to quench that void of un-satsfaction in them. The void that only fills temporarily through dopamine of having bought what you were craving for, once the dopamine levels go down, the void becomes bigger for it to even be filled temporarily. Shopping spree somehow gets more expensive every few months. Remember the last time you bought something and that gave you long lasting happiness?

All of us have been through this many times and we struggle with it everyday. This is what senseless consumerism is. This is what the new sugar addiction is. This addiction also damages your mental space by constantly knocking on your attention and asks for it to be fulfilled thus seeking to get it fortified further.

It is a cycle which is very difficult to break and easiest to get into. Intact, somehow the social media, TV ads, browser ads secretly affects your conscious by bombarding with these shiny ads on all sort of things. They Rob you of your peace and money!

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