Decoding brain for a more fulfilling life !

Our brain has evolved in the past million of years as a result of evolution . 
We have come beyond the primitive lives and have moved to more complex of lifestyles.
Our prefrontal cortex which is responsible for all the major thinking and our physical movement has given us the ability of plan our short term and long term goals .
For any animal , this is not really possible as for most of them things are fine as long as they are fed well , we fail to see the long term goals from the other species.

We as human beings are able to look beyond the short term goals and agendas to the long term goals and agendas .
But then we probably haven’t evolved all that much , I mean not that all our animal instincts have gone away with time .
We still end up choosing the easiest thing to do when it comes to crossing from many options . We sometime overlook the negatives of the easiest thing , yet very spontaneously we end up picking the easiest thing to do at hand .
This is how our mind is wired , it will try and look for the easiest way out of the situation . 
When you’re in a bad shape due to your own procrastination and a series of choices made that were easy , you always have two options to choose from either sob or change your situation . 
In the above situation your mind is wired to choose to sob , this is default as this is easy and it is instant gratifying. It would obviously be difficult to take charge , make some tough decisions which are self monitored and then sticking by it and obviously all of this would take a while . Whereas , sobbing about the situation is easy and instant gratifying. Issue here is that this easy picking would further push the procrastination and then make the matter worse. 

We however have some tools and techniques available with us called as willpower , determination etc etc which can help us push the procrastination away and take us on the journey of better fulfilling life

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