Motivation is self defeating, Action is next to God!

Instant motivation stimulated from external factors including through reading, motivational videos etc doesn’t last to make any significant change.

Don’t believe in me, try it! try reading, listening and watching motivation inducing content and see it for yourself. After a while you’ll get numb to the all this and your mind will perceive this chatter as more of a liability.

Once you’re through with this experiment, get back to the real life of Actions.Motivation that lasts is the motivation that had its inception in Action. Action exhumes motivation. Such found motivation that is constantly fed by repetitive action is the one that lasts and that in turn gives strides to the action. Action establishes the cycle of being motivated, and Action does this to support its repeat-ability.

It is, thus, imperative that we realize the genesis of motivation through action and not otherwise!

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