How much is enough!

There are absolutely no reasons to keep hoarding! Yes there is a need to save and keep some in the safe chest and that’s all! Always in the pursuit of hoarding more, wanting more and not letting go of the older to make way for the newer eventually leads to frustration and another source of soar mindset.

So there are multi step towards knowing if you have enough

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  1. If you could comfortably let go of your job, especially consciously, and still maintain your current lifestyle for more than 6 months you do have enough! Keep saving more but don’t over do it to the extent of missing out on life experiences.
  2. If you often wonder that the some of your clothes take more than 2 weeks for their turn to be worn, you know you have way too much and may be it is time to stop with your shopping for few months and spare some time over the weekend to look over the wardrobe and may be let go of some of your old clothes which are still in good condition back to the society in the form of clothes donations
    (P.S this also will enable you to get back to your shopping spree if you choose to)
  3. If you’re overweight with no medical condition, you surely have way too much than required. You need to probably cut back on your sugar tooth to begin with with further woking down on your carbohydate cravings and then to getting on multiple way of eating style including that of Intermittent Fasting (16X8, 18X6 etc.)

So, if you do belong to any of these categories or you do have more than one condition as above, do consider making some incremental changes in your lifestyle.

Look at the below equation to understand the power of incremental changes

You on day 1 = 1
Your daily incremental positive changes resulting you in = 1.01
You at the end of the year (365 Days), changing exponentially with the such change = (1.01)^365 = 37.78

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