An open letter to PM Modi

Dear Prime Minister,

Many congratulations to your re-election as the Prime Minister of India. Indeed a historic win and vindication of the work you’ve undertaken including the long term overarching policy decisions.

Some of the facts in these elections are fascinating, I am including some of the facts that I have gathered form the available information just to substantiate my point of view. Nothing better than an image that might be louder than my thousand of words.

Source: BBC.COM, Further Processed by:
Source: BBC.COM, Further Processed by:

Clearly, the mandate is massive and directed for you to bring about some changes that you’ve been so vehemently publicising. Once again, Heartiest congratulations and look forward to having you serve the people of India.

Modiji, I have many friends like most people and these friends of mine are from different backgrounds including that of States that they belong to, their religion, their political inclinations and many other factors. Some of my friends voted for you and some didn’t. Yesterday we were discussing about the mandate that you’ve received and I was arguing in the favour of your mandate. I argued that we live in democracy, and surely we do, the opposition brought out the following major points:

  1. Demonetisation as the biggest scandal in Indian History, some argued that it may not have been a scandal but a poor thought out step and even poorly executed initiative. Other related issues of Black money
  2. GST being implemented in a hurry and that it created a mess in the business world. Although the people eating out appreciate having to pay only 5% GST on the stand alone restaurant bills.
  3. Rafael Fighter Jets procurement process anomalies including offset and negotiations, which some believe as being given a clean chit from the courts and some believe that since it has gone to the Supreme Court again with some other facts, that it is still not been given a clean chit
  4. Ram Temple Matter that is currently in the stages of mediation and the next date is slated to be in August this year.
  5. Minority population fearing the thumping chest of Modi and his party, the BJP.
  6. Long Standing Kashmir Issues
  7. Foreign Policy, some claimed it didn’t bring much on the ground
  8. Economic Policies including macro changes that has negatively impacted the Indian Economy

Like I said these are the major issues and not the exhaustive list of issues that the opposition raised and flanked rallies after rallies raising them. Taking enough space in the minds of people with leaving enough time to think through all these issues. Opposition made sure people listened to them through all sorts of various mediums including that of social media, parliament debates, Dharnas at various places, award wapasi, India becoming an intolerant Society, lynching incidents in various parts of the country, also in a very bizarre action of Kerala Youth Congress of slaughtering a cattle in public in front of cameras on national TV to protest beef ban.

Some of the infographics, including screenshots, of the various important opposition parties to add weight to my point are as follows

Again, a lot happened and not all can be covered in the letter to you Mister Prime Minister.

Yes, so coming back to my point of opposition raising all sorts of questions possible and asking them to be validated under the constitution through public votes this General Election, and the people did take the decision. People took decision to keep you incharge of the highest, most powerful, office of the county. I urged my friends, to stop questing on the topics that I have mentioned above as the people of the country, through a well established democratic process, have take the decision in your favour. So I advised them to shut these questions and move on. We agreed to disagree.

Now coming back to you sir, well deserved victory, now let’s move on past this, let’s come to the action part of this.I have asked my friends to ask you questions even more this time. I have asked them to ask you more pointed question. I have asked my friends to pass this message to thier friends to ensure that you’re always on the edge to deliver, to ensure that you don’t get complacent Mr. Prime Minister. This is to match your signature style of saying, Modi hai to Mumkin Hai ( It is Modi, hence it is possible).

I am sure you’ll bless me as I am here to quickly remind you of the promises that you’ve made in your Manifesto, or Sankalp Patra 2019

I am writing this to remind you that this document is the agreement that you’ve made with the people of India while you sought all those votes. All those votes represent the aspiration of Indian people and this reflects back in your Manifesto. Hence, it shall be your responsibility to try and complete each and everything written in it.

Essentially, I have asked my friends to keep haunting you through constant reminders in case you deviate much from your programs.

As a first reminder before you take the oath as the Prime Minister for the second term, I would like to quickly remind you of the points that you have written in the document.

Along with my friends I will keep asking the questions for you to deliver and for you to remind of your victory speech where you have clearly defined only two castes that you believe exist in India Today barring anything previously thought, one which is poor and the other which is ready to do what ever it takes to elevate the poor out of poverty.

We will keep knocking on your digital door whenever, your ministers make comments which are not in sync with your victory speech and the manifesto. As you’ve promised that you’ll take along everyone: the ones who voted for you and others who may have voted against you or for someone else.

Now, we will not listen to you lambasting congress anymore as you have been given the mandate again to carry the Nation forward into the foray of opportunity and prosperity. We will no longer judge you from the same lens as we have in your last 5 years.

This year your mandate has become larger and so have our lenses become sharper.

Again, I wish you all the very best for your next five years. I wish all of us, the people, the very best for the promised pivotal years that awaits us.


Citizen of India

Copy: All the ministers under the Prime Minister

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