Looking Ahead!

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Life will catch you on the blind side, it happens. There won’t be a single person who can say that life has always been good to him. It is these sides which in a way, give way to a person for appreciating the good that happens with him.
May be for arguments sake, let’s assume that everything that happens to you start being good, why stop at it being pleasant for you let’s ramp it up to great. So, let’s assume that everything that happens to you feels great, how boring would it get. You’ll soon get numb of all the goodness around you! everything that you set out to will start happening your way.

It really would become extremely boring, the fun is messing things up. Managing parameters which are in your control and bet again other parameters. What really matters is being caught by life on your blind side, falling, getting up and get going. It is the paradigm of looking ahead that makes all the difference!

It is our ability to recognise that if you can look up when fallen, you can stand up and if you can stand up, you can run!

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