The Art of Never Giving up!

Life is usually unfair, this is what we keep hearing from people around us and somewhere we also feel the same. This could be true in the sense to acknowledge that life is unfair minus the usually part of it!

The only way to treat the unfairness of life is to master the art the never giving up! You may give up on people, those who might be closest to you but just don’t give up on yourself for trying every time the life’s unfair to you!

You take the plunge in the very face of life, show it that you won’t back down, show that you did play your cards well last time and this time you’ll be even better. Start enjoying this face-off with life, this is the only way to feel alive!

It is this art, that you learn through consistent practice and perseverance even in the face of rejections and failures. Your strong stance towards the tough situations will take you heights you've never been before! The only aspect of this is to be patient and through acknowledging that, you understand, it didn't work out this time and that you also understand that it will eventually work out through better shot at it this time. 

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