Little Things

There are many of us who don’t appreciate the impact little things have in our lives! we take many of them for granted. We even ignore them and sometime go on with our life mindlessly.

Take our eating habits for example, we end up eating those candies that someone in our office got for the whole bunch of people. Some instead of eating a few may end up bargaining for a handful, eat them and then forget about them. Little, is it ? For your conscious at that moment yea, but for your body this is a major process! It goes through this of major glycemic sensitivity cycle and add that and anything you ate around that period into straight on weight gain. This little thing repeated in a different context for multiple times a month, combined with other little food habits and boom, you’re 10 pounds heavier.

Little things for better, imagine a situation wherein you’ve have been saving small just out of your own will or may be your parents forced it upon you or for another reason, whatsoever. After a while, you sorta forget about recurring savings that might be getting auto debited from your account into another account of an investment instrument, you’d be amazed at the value it would have gather after few years. You’d be amazed at the value you’ve gained through your little habit of saving small.

There are many little things that can add value to your life if you’re conscious of them such as :

Starting a to-do list on your little notebook or your smart phone to attack each day

Source : Pawan’s Pictures

Making sure that you stay away from office politics, focus on your skills and yourself

Source: Google Search

Be conscious of the OQP principle, keep yourself surrounded with Only Quality People

Have the right attitude of learning

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Keep your point forward firmly but be humble to stand corrected if you do and be grateful of the learning

Source: WikiHow

There are many such little things that we could get conscious of but the fact of the matter is to start! What really matters is that we being to understand that the impact these little things we have that we are not even conscious of !

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