Myth Busting – Wake up early!

I have seen so many people out there telling other people that waking up early is the solution to all their problems. Parents telling thier kids to wake up early and that somehow waking up at 5 AM would change the fortune of the kid.

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A lot of discussion on social media relating how Elon Musk wakes up at 4:00 AM everyday and puts in 80 Hour work week every week. Well it all might have worked for Elon Musk and would it work for you? well, you need to find out yourself.

As per many studies conducted at many accredited institutions, regarding sleep, has revealed more or less one thing, that the overall population could be classified under two broad tags one being early risers and other being nocturnal/Night Owl.

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The night owls are always made to have this guilt over sleeping late and not getting up early. It is time to put this to rest!

If you simply google the benefits of waking up early or just a simple waking up early you’ll get tons of result. Read few of them and they will convince you that your life will change if you start waking up at 5:00 AM and some of them will convince you that even waking up at 5:00 AM is too late and that you should wake up at 4:00 AM. Now before you start reading these results I want you to also google benefits of being a night owl or being nocturnal and to your surprise you’ll get tons of results as well convincing you that how being a night owl can change your life for better and you’ll be a super human!

One thing is certain from all this conversation it a partisan talk to talk about which is better than the other! You need to stop doing this waking up early routine as a compulsion! you should find your own routine.

You could, by your nature, may be a night owl and for all these years have lived in the guilt of not being an early riser. For the night owls, the time has the same significance as it is for the early risers. The creative juices out of the morning hours is same as that for the evening hours of the night owls. We need to stop making anything compulsory and try and get away from these binary divisions. It doesn’t mean that either is better than the other. It just means that both are different!

Let people recognise themselves under these tags consciously and take a call on their routines. As long as you have the right habits and vigour to be on the right side of the life it is alright! Routines need to be kept fluid for daily practice however, it needs to be aligned to your true nature overall. After all, these two are tags and people should be fluid about moving among these, keep adjusting and use either of them to achieve the greater discipline in their life to achieve the set goal and success or whatsoever.

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