Taking Life too Seriously!

You got up this morning and the previous days issues are still lingering in your head! Today is your weekly off and waking up like this has already ruined your morning. You shrug off the lingering and get up from you bed to your kitchen, make yourself some coffee or tea and sit down in you chair wondering what’s there today!

Today is an off after all, one part of you wants to you to go out and other discourages you to stay put in your room and in your bed. Easily available dopamine shots are right there in your room with you laptop right at your bed side table along with the phone that shows 100% charged battery. Right here, the partisan choice of either! Once you’re out you’ll surely experience something new, moreover you could meet someone interesting from your college/school other office colleagues, other social app people that you’ve been chatting with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting to stay put in your bed on your off day but if you’re repeating yourself in this situation over the weeks, then, there might be a serious need for you to look for the need of looking out for a change in many aspects your life. if over the weeks you have realised that you’d rather be home , away from real people on your day off and that the part of you wanting to go out is being put off by your part of staying home!

Reconnecting with people around you is necessary, it is absolutely necessary to give life a chance. After it has failed you or you might have failed life, it is you who has to give life another chance! Life always is open to embrace you, it has its arms always open for you, it is you who has to take the action of opening your arms to let it some and embrace you! Keep yourself open to accepting life as is!

Just take a stroll in the evening or in the morning or anytime of the day to really search within you what is it that matter to you and what’s there making all the noise keeping you on the edge all the time, taking away your sense of wonder and awe! Accept these thoughts as normal and then go about acknowledging it and then keep faith in yourself to be your own saviour through a series of actions. Just make sure your sense of wonder is never lost and for that you need to be conscious of the fact that we all are here for a limited period of time and you don’t want to be serious all the time!

Take it easy and let it go sometimes for you to really take into account the time factor, you were 20 once upon a time, you’re ageing with each passing day, just make sure you grow along the way!

One thought on “Taking Life too Seriously!

  1. You said something so true, which we realise when it all passes or passed.
    I felt this somedays back.
    Thanks for posting!


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