Period of Lull

Many times, there comes a point where everything seem to be coming to a standstill. You loose the sight for all that used to matter to you! It takes you through a guilt cycle. A vicious cycle, which starts with a period of lull, guilt and then to suppress it we naturally tend to get to lost into oblivion of nothingness! This is how the cycle ends to further get back in the infinite loop!

The way to break the cycle? Well, the first step is to be aware that this can happens with anyone and the fact that there is no reason to ignore if you feel this period is approaching you! Acknowledge it, observe it and try to find the point, as it progresses to complete its cycle, to break the circle and get away form it. Be more conscious of your presence of mind and practice stoicism!

Yes, it is indeed that simple! The repel of lull is action packed punch in the face of lull! Pack it with action of reading, writing, exercising and nutrition. Don’t forget to add the right amount of spiritual sauce in the dish. .

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