Essence of Less In the Overwhelm

Your material possessions consume you, they take away the most important base of your life, i.e, time! The possessions consume you to your core, the hoarding of more eventually will give you less time for yourself and for the things that truly matter.

The power lies in choosing what’s important to you, be conscious of the choices that you make while trying to justifying your next possession! It isn’t you who posses all the materialistic juggernaut it is this juggernaut that possess you! You might feel that you shall dictate what’s your and in the begining of it all you certainly do but then as you start identifying with these possesions you begin to loose it to them, these “stuff” starts to posses you! You loose control and your self value becomes of all that you posses materialistically. You loose yourself to these lifeless things.

If you ask me, this is not worth investing in these to have the power to own you! You’re for a far greater purpose than to be lab rats for the ever power capitalist world. There still is hope for all of us, we still can practice being mindful owners of things. The day you posses 3rd or 4th pair of formal shoes and 5th pair of sports shoes consider this as a sign that’s telling you that you’re falling in the trap of being possessed by all! you can in no case need so many of these things, they are just a reflection of the fact that you’ve started getting consumed!

There is more in less!

What should be done is a natural thought and to understand this you need to understand the problem at hand! You need to understand that trigger points and the reasons of what is it that is driving you to hoard so badly and at what point in the past do you now feel that the urge to have more and more and more started and at what point you’ve become numb to this urge as this now has become your second nature. When you’re introspect you’ll see, the next step is to explore the various available options to earmark your innate habits, track what you purchase. Track to understand the difference of when was the last time you understood that while making a selection to purchase did you consider if this is a need or a want!

When the answers to many of these questions is resulting in confusion, always believe that the time has come for you to take your life steering back from these urges and habits. Understand that you always have a choice to either drive your life yourself or to be driven around by these lifeless things! You need to choose by being mindful, by being able to differentiate explicitly for the need and the want! A very important point to note is that want are always important in ones life, they aren’t as importance as needs. By being too invested in wants you will soon let go of yourself as you’d start getting validated via the things that you have gathered through always giving in to your wants.

Again, a check on want and focus on needs is what will take your life boat to the shores in the troubled water and in the clam ones. Be Mindful!

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