Perfection equals Paralysis

There are so many ideas that we as individuals have, there are so many great ideas that don’t see the light of the day and this is attributed to the insistence of Perfection.

If everyone always looked for getting the perfect products out, there would be a standstill in the market. If you leave the car to the engineers to make it better than it is and ask them that the next car should be perfect, note, there wouldn’t be a single car coming out of factory hereon!

Perfection is a unicorn that no one has seen yet everyone talks about it and people who pursue it till the end meet their end. Does that mean that we start producing services and products that are imperfect? Well, no and yes!

No, because this will simply take away the craftsmanship that’s required to further better the product and the aesthetics of it! No, because it would take away the wisdom required to further accentuate the service that’s being currently provided.

However, yes because the pursue of perfection would then have with us some limited options of products and services. Also, the cost of such products and services take an upper ceiling in the market in terms of cost and thus making it difficult to have it consumed by every stratum of society. Only privileged ones would have access to them! Yes, because this provides us the opportunity of rapid invention and innovations and that the act of play while producing and experimenting gives immense opportune for unlimited possibilities. The set of outcomes of this ‘Yes’ can be fed into the urge of perfection for them to be made better!

Perfection equals paralysis!

So many of us want to write and so many of us want to sing and so many of want to do many things, we want to do it for us and may be sometimes for the ones we love and many times for the world to show the limitlessness of ourselves, we seldom do any of this or most of these as we are always pressured by the societal pressures of getting the perfect out of it all. This alone is the reason that the potential among 7 billion people is not been realised even a bit.

Write even if it doesn’t make sense!

You and I are the potential and we are the ones with limitless potential, we need to express in imperfection, the repetition of it with a conscious effort to make it better will eventually take you towards being the unicorn that no one has seen yet everyone talks about!

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