Relevance of Spirituality!

Spirituality is more than relevant in today’s work cultures across the world, the fractured capitalist world which thrives on growth every year is now stretching the materialistic side of the world beyond its means. The ever growing pressure of growing every year on the organizations and the current prevalent definition of success has ensured that the world is never satiated!

In this world where the organisations are in the arena of stock markets, and other monetary secondary markets, fighting to battle out growth in at least 2 digits has ensured that ethics and the need of doing the right things take a backseat and like a game in an arena, the win has to be ensured no matter what! Win is the never ending growth and victims are the human force that gets crushed under its wheels.

Yes, there is a need for this unsustainable fractured capitalist society to change. Yes, there is a need for this prevalent definition of success to change! These are strong, inevitable long term battles which may take longer than an average human life starting from the time when the large corporations and the world as a whole starts to crumble under its own weight. Till then, there is a way to sustain and beyond sustain, a possibility to thrive! A hope that could act as a catalyst in this venture to redefine everything we know as the mainstream current capitalist mindset : Spirituality.

Many definitions of Spirituality include certain common threads such as finding meaning of life, to discover what is it that makes us who we are, a ground where common perspective could be accommodated and appreciated, a common ground with the entire human cosmos where we look inwards and not anchor our conscious thoughts on the outwardly things, fulfilling relationships etc.

Practicing spirituality is a conscious call and just like a muscle needs exercise to strengthen, Spirituality too needs practice through exercises to fortitude in ones life. Some of methods of practicing spirituality includes meditation, prayers – not necessarily to Gods, gratitude practice, being conscious of breathing- an anchor to keep in present, observing surroundings and accepting for what it is. There are many more, thus, the paradox of choosing arises and this leads to inconsistent practice and thus resulting in poor results.

The outcome of spirituality will keep you humane and will always remind you to look for the real purpose of life, it will always keep you grounded and will tame your ego. When this happens in masses a revolution will start, a revolution which would non aggressive, harmless and would take a step forward in resolving and redefining the fractured unsustainable society.

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