Self Care

You only have this body as your vehichle to carry you through this experience called life. Take up a practicle, sustainable exercise schedule. Allow your body the access to nutritious food, it deserves all the goodness around the world.

A healthy body becomes a fertile ground to develop a healthy mind. A healthy mind, in-turn, feeds the body with better immunity and other hormonal bodily functions. The cycle thus becomes self sustainable. The temptations, however, may hamper the cyclic benefiting nature of body and mind. Temptations could be dealt better with a heathy mind, a mind which is developed through dicipline, supported by heathy body which has been inturn supported by the healthy mind.

Healthy mind, thus, is the center point. Instead of getting into egg and chicken paradox of which one came first, we should appreciate that it is but obvious that for a human to live his full potential, both, mind and the body need to be in mint health.

Thus, comes small practices that could be applied to start right away, such as

1. Exercise atleast 3 days a week and then progressing to 6 days a week etc.
2. Be concious of what you’re eating, count your calories to make a real difference
3. Being away from addtional sugars from cups of coffees, teas, sweets etc.
4. Making sure to get enough rest, target 7 to 8 hours of sleep
5. Be concious of what you’re reading online or offline, gaurd against what is getting in your head.
6. Start conciously scheduling quite times each day, think about starting to meditate
7. Fire up your curiosity engine, through engaging in hobbies you’ve alway wanted to take up
8. Read some positive self development books, read some books on biographies of people whom you feel have achieved what you’d like to achieve.

There are many such tools, but these will surely get anyone started on being on the concious path of self care, if we won’t care for ourselves, mark the words, no one else will.

In the end, it is important to be lenient on ouselves, not to judge ourselves to harshly on the mistakes that we commit. Looking for some positives even in our silly mistakes, to take note of the things that went wrong and then learn and grow from it.

We are in here for a long run, in the long run it always work out, we just need to take efforts to make our today the best day possible. 

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