Life is Fragile

There is nothing more apparent now that the life indeed is fragile, we may plan for the future and we may stay stuck in the past but one thing that we keep loosing in both the cases is present, the now!

We could have never thought that such a small thing could jolt the usual of living life out of balance for the entire world, we would be locked down in our houses, but it has happened! Sometimes we might even take a while to understand if this really is happening, that this is right out from a movie scene or is it even real and that we just might be in a one of our nightmares and that once we get up in the morning, it will all be over. Clearly, it is a reality, it is happening to all of us, no one is beyond this!

This virus is unfortunately a great equaliser in terms of races, colors, social, political and economic structures. It simply doesnt discriminate and it out there to equalize everyone to the degree of just being a Human and that I suppose it the elemantry unit of all the hierarchy.

Fragility of life is for everyone, this is the time to think of all that we do with the nature in terms of our habits of consumption for energy and survivals. Think of this as an opportunity to come to senses from the senseless consumerism that we have been upto, we have been exploiting the resources beyond its means.

If we don’t stop even now, we will eventually stumble upon the reset botton that will wipe us out, the planet was there before us and it will survive after us.

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