A letter of self assurance on fear!

Dear Pawan,

Fear is a tyrant! Everyone has fears and issues, everyone has ways to resolve them, everyone has motives to deal with them. Some find it easy to keep them under the bed and some face it head on.

People keeping their fears under bed and trying to live a blissful life of an Ignorant, usually fail to ever suppress the knowledge and conscious impression of having that fear lying around under their bed. They Fail miserably when that fear gets out and pop up in their face and let everything in the life to a standstill.

Better are the people who face them head on, it takes years to win over these fears, it usually is a long journey. Meanwhile, such people will analyse that fear,?understand it, assimilate all that they have understood about it and try to resolve it towards more manageable instances. These people take cognizance of the fact that it is natural that we’d have fears, better is to keep them I n a box of your choosing and keep them inside that box and place that box in their room ,in the corner of it, a corner of their choice.

It absolutely does not make sense to let the fear drive us. It is as difficult to do as it is easy to read the statement.

We have a choice to make, we could chose to be in a club of people who would let this slip under the bed or the club where people face it head on and deal with it in their daily life.

You decide!

⁃ Pawan

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