Facing Oneself

Keeping yourself in the dwelling of constant surfing of webpages, humming of online music, constantly staring at one screen or the other are just the perfect cocktail to ensure that you don’t face yourself ever.

Social media has created such a definition of success that we all have believed life to be this shiny, glistering, entertaining movie that probably would never end. Believing that if we can amass so much around and get everything to be about us that may be then we would probably create this lie that we probably will live forever, or at-least we can create such perception in our minds.

Nothing beats this perception for as long as we are busy and there is so much around us to be busy with, trillions of bytes of data to last us many human lifetimes to consume. All of this to just so that we don’t end up confronting ourselves, facing oneself.

Facing oneself will bring down all these shiny bright imaginary lights, which almost seem real, down to nothing. There will come a time in everyones life when our human bodies will no longer be able to consume all of this data and will no longer be able to do so from these ever impressive screens then then there you’d have to face yourself, nothing will come to rescue then. In such a scenario, chances are that you’d end up regretting it then as mostlikely you’d realise that you’ve just let the time go by and vile away all the precious moments and that those trillions bytes of data was not worth pouring your life over.

Better is to stop right now, keep your phone down, close the lid of your computer and mute this never ending music around you and just sit still and just observe your surrounding become more aware of your body from your scalp to every inch of the body. Look outside the window, just go out for a walk maybe. Go to your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you, only if they do mean something important to you. Try and face yourself, try with getting back to your childhood memories and remember all the good-ones where you used to be happy with the little things, where everything around you seem to be so interesting and your inquisitiveness made so many more happy memories. Just keep there for a while, refresh all that has been good about a particular phase in your life.

Come a bit ahead in life and try to pin point the timeframe where you started getting aloof, estranged and irritated. Once you’ve thought about that timeframe, now that you’re mature enough to have read all this try and figure out had all that been happening to you right now how would you have reacted differently now that you know that you’ve become what you’ve become now. This awareness itself will set you free from your past, my best advise is to make a diary entry of such a timeframe, noting all that was negative, wrong and not to your liking in detail. After reading it once or twice with complete presence of mind, just tear the paper(s) to pieces and don’t tear them with anger but with a sense of consciousness, awareness that you’re doing this act with your will and with a purpose to free yourself. This physical action will set you on the right path and give you the instant push that you’d need to stay on this path of being okay with yourself.

Take the first step, put down all this nose around you!

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