A state of being unaffected by Joy or Sorrow, Happiness or Sadness, Gain or Loss and to see what is as is, is best describe as Equanimity.

Practicing this state as a personality to ultimately adopt it as ones character is one of the major goal through Spirituality. Various religions talk about it in different ways and the concept exists everywhere. The reason for this existence across the board is the basic underlying vulnerabilities of the Human race, the ever changing circumstances and the most developed brain that we posses as a race.

Our brain is capable of inflicting punishment and of rewarding best there is to experience without any of those being actually present to be experienced. This can be of our great use if we have it in our control but it becomes the greatest peril when it is the brain is left without a metaphorical leash.

So can anyone attain this state? The answer is Yes.
Is it easy ? Oh No, it isn’t easy to control this power house brain.

Will it hurt while trying ? Oh Yes, it will require a lot willpower which is like a muscle in itself, so be ready to start exercising your willpower muscles to gain this control.

Can I do it in a week ? Haha, no, you can’t do it in any fixed time period, it is a continuous process. It will take forever and as the forever goes you’ll keep improving and remember it isn’t a summit to reach, it is a life journey and you’ll always have to be onboarded.

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