Every Day

Every day is like a new potential project to a better life, take the stride and get to it for it will keep coming until it stops.

There could be nothing better than realising that this loop of everyday comes to everyone, one who decides to latch on the one of these days and try and become better each day consistently wins at the end of the day.

Your objective in life should be to get better each day in the field of your own choosing. A skill that you’ve always wanted to pick up, each day practice at that.
You’ve always wanted to write that story and share with the world, well, you can decide to write it as a consequence of you writing each day. This writing each day with a conscious thought and direction will result in the heaps of writing resulting in the book you were wanting to write, or even better and even more than what you expected it to be.

You get to choose choose your project and you get to choose it among many days that you’re bombarded with in the context of everyday, just be conscious of the fact that this everyday loop is a finite loop and not the infinite one. Choose better, live well.

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