There are enough reasons to take matters into your hands. We all struggle to make ends meet which are not essentially just the financial aspects. There are multiple dimensions to what we have to offer to the world and, most importantly, to ourselves. If we don’t pay enough attention to ourselves and be always engulfed in outwardly projections, we would continue to struggle. We would repeat the same patterns of anxieties driven by the need of validations by others. These ripples of deja-vu would always take strides to make it to the head and poison it, slowly & steadily but surely. The nudge would last as long as we continue to tread this path of limited outwardly world. The only solution lies through a conscious slowdown, getting away from the horse of constant hustle and letting loose to further control down the line. Right at this moment, we’re probably too stuck up in the only ways of life that we know and are familiar with. We have been living this way for probably as far back as we could stretch our memories. Slowing down would entail you to give your senses, of looking at the world and ultimately your life, a reset in their sensitivities. Then there are is time to observe in this calm to identify patterns and various triggers. Writing can help a lot; it can provide your thoughts a solidity and keep them in front your eyes and then may provide you a way to look at them then to just think about them in your head. This can be a great platform for getting things out of your mind and see it writing in a piece of paper and then take actions if necessary, to neutralize threats.   These threats do provide a great avenue of identifying opportunities to controlling your life without being always in a heightened sense of the need to control it. Ultimately this act is like trying to hold sand in your fist and expect it to stay there as you tighten your grip; doesn’t work, does it? Amending and enhancing the experience of your life is a continual process and requires constant positioning and repositioning. This positioning and repositioning entails that you don’t go berserk and stay in the right sense of mind and body. It is, thus, important to do what you do to keep the corrections coming, to keep the elated sense of being, to keep your sanity, to contribute to the society you live in and to be able to give back all the love that you have the potential of to your family and friends.

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