Myth Busting – Wake up early!

I have seen so many people out there telling other people that waking up early is the solution to all their problems. Parents telling thier kids to wake up early and that somehow waking up at 5 AM would change the fortune of the kid. Source : Pawan's Photo A lot of discussion on social … Continue reading Myth Busting – Wake up early!

An open letter to PM Modi

Dear Prime Minister, Many congratulations to your re-election as the Prime Minister of India. Indeed a historic win and vindication of the work you've undertaken including the long term overarching policy decisions. Some of the facts in these elections are fascinating, I am including some of the facts that I have gathered form the available … Continue reading An open letter to PM Modi

Motivation is self defeating, Action is next to God!

Instant motivation stimulated from external factors including through reading, motivational videos etc doesn't last to make any significant change. Don't believe in me, try it! try reading, listening and watching motivation inducing content and see it for yourself. After a while you'll get numb to the all this and your mind will perceive this chatter … Continue reading Motivation is self defeating, Action is next to God!