Approval from others!

Most people live for approvals from others, approval of bosses, colleagues, friends relatives, loved ones and all kind of different people; who ever we come across during the course of our lives. They certainly do fail to understand that they do not need any such approval. They should completely understand that they do not need … Continue reading Approval from others!

Relevance of Spirituality!

Spirituality is more than relevant in today's work cultures across the world, the fractured capitalist world which thrives on growth every year is now stretching the materialistic side of the world beyond its means. The ever growing pressure of growing every year on the organizations and the current prevalent definition of success has ensured that … Continue reading Relevance of Spirituality!

Reliance 42nd AGM, The Indian Growth Story

Here are a few quick catching up points of the Reliance 42nd Annual General Meet Saudi Aramco Picture ( , RIL logo from Wikipedia Saudi Aramco to invest $75 Bn to in exchange of 20% ownership of oil-to-chemical businessSaudi Aramco will supply 500,000 barrels of oil to Jamnagar refinerySaudi Aramco will also have proportionate stake in British … Continue reading Reliance 42nd AGM, The Indian Growth Story