Approval from others!

Most people live for approvals from others, approval of bosses, colleagues, friends relatives, loved ones and all kind of different people; who ever we come across during the course of our lives.

They certainly do fail to understand that they do not need any such approval. They should completely understand that they do not need any such approval, the people who are supposed to provide these approvals shall do so only through their experience of life, they will always project their own vision and experience on you and you can do so much better without it. Every one of those, we seek approval from, have their own way of life, what ever you see as for what it is, for them it might be just a very different version from yours, what you need to understand, however, is that it is only you who needs to be convinced of what you’ve done.

In most of the cases, the action taken by you are completely your own and have no relevance or consequence to these people, hence, why bother!

You and I are part of the in finite cosmos, we aren’t insulated from all these overwhelming behaviours which are intrinsic in the embodiment of being human. We all will keep on making mistakes till such time we are alive, the moment we are done with mistakes is the moment we we are done from this planet.

We will keep on making mistakes, learning from them, making newer mistakes, learning from those and thus the cycle continues for as long as we are alive and this is how it is. Embrace it, don’t look for anybody’s approval for everything is you and everything is within you.

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