Perfection is Evil

The desire of attaining perfection has killed more dreams than anything else. We don’t realise it, but, we end up, subconsciously, out of desire to look for perfection, end up killing our dreams.

Take an example of simple day to day tasks, in the grab of perfection, to do the the thing best and to do the thing right we end up not doing them at all. Our creative work and interests suffer the most. Our inner love of starting something new gets derailed as we start as we end up thinking about this abstract concept of somehow attaining the our creative goal with perfection.

What is the way then, does it mean that we should just push out substandard quality of work in our offices, schools, colleges and our creative life. Obviously not, what it really means is that you consciously recognise that you’ve got to start where you’re and with what you have and apply the best you can with you current understanding and ability. Your outcomes will be shoddy in the beginning but they are sure to improve and they are sure to be manifested instead of not being there at all.

The key, thus, is to get started and get better iteratively..

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