A virtue that is so hard to find! Patience is a skill that takes a long time to come by ! Just like any other skill, patience could also be acquired. It, however, takes more efforts to acquire for the once who have had issues with Patience.

In todays world where everyone is so after instant results and insatiably attached to them, it indeed become even tougher to get by. We are constantly distracted every now and then.
As per the several reports and research, on an average, we spend too much time every day on smart phones, the total time spent in a day is the sum total of the time spent in various times in the day, including our addiction to just checking the phone for the sake of checking the phone.

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Clearly we practice every day to be distracted all the time. This ensures that we set out our continuous focus on nothing. This adds to almost null productivity and people feeling out of place and no sense of belonging. This adds to them adding to the woes in their patience game. This is rather unfortunate, the boon has turned bane.

We need to switch ourselves to the game of conscious efforts to increase our patience

some of the ways that can help you up you Patience game can be summoned as follows:

  1. First acknowledge to yourself that you have this condition, then acknowledge that this can be corrected with easily available ways and all of those are already available to you to practice with.
  2. Start Small, don’t have unrealistic goals. If you set out your goals pretty aggressive the chance of you backing out early would be really high.
  3. Make a Daily To-do list and stick to it. This could be your first of sorts in the patience game. Keep at it for at least a week even if you don’t like it. Ticking off those things will really have an impact on your self worth.
  4. Once you’ve been constant and are ready for the next step, start making you daily to do list and weekly to do list. So daily to do list would obviously have the daily chores and important thing that may or may not be done on the same day due to any reason. Such activities should find place on the weekly to do list. This will ensure that the things that couldn’t be done as planned still finds a place on a secondary list and gets done eventually within the same week.
  5. Try yoga, try and master a tough pose like a headstand/handstand. Yoga is a game of patience and self control. Self control and patience go hand in hand and they compliment each other. To master the pose you’ll require immense efforts in terms of patience and once you have done mastering a particular post, you’ll receive such a strong boost to your patience department that you’ll realise that everything eventually happens and that being patient could really be beautiful and could bring a lot of positive effects.
  6. It is found that cleanliness around you affects a lot in terms of a persons mood due to less mess and distractions etc. Hence it is most important that you keep your work desk at home and office clear of any distractions. Only keep the things that you need at that time when you’re sitting there. Keep your phone away from your desk when you’re working. Out of sight is out of mind

There are many such ways in which you can take control back in your hands. Not to mention that exercise can really make a difference in overall well being.

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